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and CALL LONNIE to discuss adoption: 843-639-7120


We have male and female LEAVITT puppies, born 5-15-2013.  They've had all puppy vaccines, wormed on schedule, and we have begun heartworm prevention.  You're past all of the tiny-pup worries if you adopt from this litter!
Adoption Fee lowered to be in their new homes, bonding with their forever families.

5 months old, READY TO GO, 100% Leavitt OEB pups.
Males & Females available. Photos taken 10/21/13.

Lyric X Legend pups, both parents out of Top Notch

Both parents are 100% Leavitt OEBs, Registered LBA & IOEBA, and sport RED coats.  Mom = Top Notch Lyric (See Leavitt page), & Sire = Top Notch Legend, owned by and resides at TOP NOTCH.

NOTE:  We do not dock tails on Leavitt pups.  Typically, Leavitts are born with straight tails, although sometimes we see short, pump-handle and screw-tails.  LEARN MORE ABOUT LEAVITT OLDIES through the LBA Website:  http://www.leavittbulldogassociation.com/ 
This litter is discounted to only $500 each so that we can get them into their forever homes. 

Lyric X Legend puppies, born 5/15/2013


We are located in Lamar, between Florence and Columbia, SC, off of I-20.  We're always willing to drive a certain distance from our home to meet you, to save YOU an hour or two of driving time on adoption day.
If you are long distance and you wish to hire a transporter to bring your puppy/dog home, please arrange transport details IN ADVANCE.  Ground transporters have carefully-planned routes and they need a "heads up" for approximate pick-up week.
Please interview with your transporter ahead of time to be familiar with that process.

Burntwood Bulldogs
Lonnie Ray:  843-639-7120
Please CALL for details on available pups and adults.
I prefer talking rather than email or texting.
Please "friend request" me on Facebook to view the most current photos of Available puppies: